15th June, 20.00 and 22.00


Club Tiffany, Masarykova 24

Indulge in sweet seductions of drag queens and drag kings, their sharp-edged love songs, avant-garde attacks, artistic vertigo, nudity and political incorrectness.
Cabaret Tiffany proudly celebrates the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ culture. Join us in our celebration, and spray life on the frightened face of tradition together with our camp armed divas!
Cabaret Tiffany are: Olja Grubić, Giovanna Seranno, Nasty Suzy and Virginia Immaculata, Anđa Rupić, Luca Skadi, Yuliya Molina, Andro žena, Slobodan Malić, Carol and Jernej Škof

Production: ŠKUC – Cultural Center Q / Club Tiffany