Ljubljana Pride Association offers 4 forms of mentoring:


Job shadowing is the observation or tracking of an experienced employee so that a person can obtain accurate information about the progress of a particular job through a direct approach. Under Key Action 1 (KA1), the Erasmus + program promotes staff mobility for training, education or job shadowing.

The Pride Parade offers mentoring within the Erasmus + program.

The duration of such work is:

  • in one of the program countries from 2 days to 2 months
  • in a partner country, 5 days to 2 months


Public Works is one of the programs for jobseekers offered by the Employment Service of Slovenia. Long-term unemployed persons can participate in public works programs. They give you one year’s employment in the fields of social care, education, culture, environment and space, agriculture and other related fields. The programs are implemented by non-profit employers.  The Pride Parade Society annually applies for the tender and, if approved, employs one or more persons through the Public Works Program. What do public works enable you to do?

  • Employment and higher social security.
  • New knowledge and work experience that enhances your job prospects.
  • Involvement in the work environment and expansion of the social network.

What do you get by participating in Public Works?

  • Salary, reimbursed food and travel expenses.
  • Annual leave and annual leave allowance.
  • Encouragement and support of mentor
  • Training


On-the-job training is one of the programs offered by the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia, with the purpose of getting to know unemployed persons in a specific working situation and qualifying for the intended job. The training lasts for a maximum of 3 months, and as a rule, the participant works, according to the program and with the provided mentoring and training, no more than 5 days a week. The training is conducted without a contract of employment. During the training, the participant is still kept on the records of participants in active employment policy programs.

Pride Parade Association applies annually to the call for proposals and, upon approval, allows one person per year to attend the training.

Target group for on-the-job training:

In-service training may include unemployed people who are registered with the ESS and are:

  • over 50,
  • 30+ years old and registered unemployed for at least 12 months (long-term unemployed),
  • 30+ years of age and with most completed or incomplete primary school (ISCED 2),
  • aged 30 and over and re-entering the labour market after joining social activism programs,
  • 30+ years of age and receiving social assistance benefits.

Target group for on-the-job training for young people (up to 30 years):

  • under 30 years of age and registered in the unemployment register with the ESS.


Mentoring of volunteers includes the organization of volunteer work and support for volunteer work in volunteering for the purpose of quality volunteering. 

A mentor is a person trained in their field who, with their volunteer or work experience, is able to develop the experience of people who wish to engage in volunteer work. They regularly collaborate with volunteers in the form of monthly meetings, individual interviews, evaluations and work itself in the area they cover. 

Mentoring at the Association covers the areas of personal support and learning support.

All other elements of mentoring are determined by the mentoring scheme of the Association.