Ljubljana Pride’s pool of trainers is composed of a team of trained and motivated non-formal education trainers, all of whom are a part of the LGBTIQ+ community. Their work is based on non-formal education methodology and youth work, and each has additional professional qualifications from social pedagogy to political science and international relations. 

In 2017, the Pride Parade Association began to invest intensively in the training of trainers who come from the LGBTIQ+ community, as it wanted to empower them to work within the sector of youth work and education in Slovenia and beyond.

In 2018, we established the first LGBTIQ+ pool of trainers in Slovenia, which became one of the formal bodies of the association. The members of the pool co-create and implement pedagogical activities and the youth program of the association, but they are also mostly active in the educational programs and activities of other LGBTIQ + organizations in Slovenia and beyond.

Specialized areas covered by the pool:

  • ABC on LGBT ⁠– workshops that provide introduction to the LGBTIQ + topics
  • Transformation of hate speech – how to recognize, address and transform hate speech in groups of young people within the field of youth work and formal education 
  • (cyber)bullying- how to address violence between peers and online.
  • DekontRamination of hate speech – how to transform hate speech in graffiti, online and in peer communication by creating counter and alter narratives through creative approaches
  • Inclusive organizations – training for organizations and collectives on inclusive spaces and approaches to inclusion.

What we offer:

  • Workshops from 45 minutes to 3 hours
  • All-day trainings,
  • Several consecutive one-day or few-day trainings
  • Resident trainings

Who are we doing it for:

  • Youth (15 and 29 years old)
  • School classes, including the primary school population of the third triad,
  • Youth workers
  • teachers and other pedagogical workers,
  • Trainers, youth activists, youth leaders, volunteers and all those who work with groups of young people through pedagogical approaches
  • To other professional collectives and the interested public.