Youth workshops

Every year the Pride Parade Association organizes workshops for LGBTIQ + youth. The workshops are open to all people who identify and/or support the LGBTIQ+ community and most participants are LGBTIQ+ people aged 15 to 29. The workshops aim at developing skills, which are used in other Pride projects, for example during the Pride Parade Festival. By training community members, the workshops also empower participants beyond the scope of the Association’s projects.

Video Production:

Video production workshops started in 2015 and are now part of the regular Pride program. They are implemented as needed or once a year. The workshop consists of 3 basic parts which extend over a period of several months and each participant completes practical assignments under the supervision of a mentor.

The following areas are covered:

  • History of LGBT film
  • Basics of documentary journalism
  • Camera management
  • Adding effects
  • Video editing

The learning experience also includes being part of the Pride Parade Festival video team, which documents and records events, and produces trailers. At the end of the workshop series, each participant who successfully completes all the workshop stages receives a detailed certificate of the acquired knowledge and skills.


The next workshop will be in autumn 2017. For more information, please contact info@ljubljanapride.org. 

The photography workshop usually takes place spring, during the preparations for the Pride Parade Festival. It is split into several parts between April and June. It covers the following areas:

– The basics of managing a mirror-reflex digital camera.

– The basics of the flash.

– How to use light when shooting.

– Photo editing and processing.

– How to handle equipment at bigger events (for example at night and club events).

– Capturing motion.

The workshop is part of a longer project, since the skills can be refined during the Pride Parade Festival by becoming a part of the Pride photo team, which documents events and produces photographs for media publishing. At the end of the workshop series each successful participant receives a detailed certificate of the acquired knowledge and skills.

Banner workshop:

The workshop is held every year during the Pride Parade Festival. It is open to anyone who wants to learn how the use various techniques such as spraying on carton and fabric, using textile paint and other paint types on fabric, cardboard, paper and other materials. The workshop also contains a design section, in which the designs for banners, stencils and other artworks are made, based on the overall graphic image of the festival and the political message of a given year.


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