Safer (Schools Act For Equal Rights)

Safer (Schools Act For Equal Rights)

1. 9. 2018 do 31. 8. 2021

The objective of this project is to collect existing best practices and develop and share concrete means and measures to tackle hate speech, violence and social exclusion in schools, consequentially building the capacity of teachers to transform hate, mistrust and conflicts in their work.

The project will last 3 years and it has 6 partners from Finland, Estonia and Slovenia. The partners are direct basic education providers such as schools and educational department of municipalities, as well as organisations working in teacher training and school cooperation on the topic of conflict transformation and equality.

The project activities include:
  1. Training of teachers.
  2. Building a mentoring framework for teachers tackling violent behaviour and hate speech and managing conflicts and promoting equality in their work in order to provide them needed support to have the skills, competences and confidence to act constructively
  3. Co-create a training curriculum for teachers.
  4. Develop an open online learning course.
  5. Toolkit to support teachers in their work.
  6. Facilitate and support local interventions on school level and create case studies and model for sustainable and constructive participatory interventions in transforming operational culture and wellbeing of pupils and students.

Training within the SAFER project

The second part of the training under the multi-annual project SAFER (Schools Act For Equal Rights), organized by the Ljubljana…
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