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(1.6.2017-31.5. 2019) The project follows the belief that direct confrontation and/or exclusion of people using hate speech in the context…
Empowering and supporting LGBTIQ+ (youth) and organisations in Slovenia to develop inclusive and professional volunteering
Comprehensively addressing the topic of homelessness and housing exclusion among LGBTIQ+ youth
Holistic and strategic addressing of hate speech in different contexts.
august 2018 – september 2019 This project is aimed at quite specific target group – young LGBTIQ+ individuals who experienced…
Holistic addressing of bullying based on sexual orientation, external identity and / or expression in the youth and school environment.
Mladim LGBTIQ+ osebam v stanovanjski stiski lahko ponudimo: Psihosocialno svetovanje (ena na ena, po dogovoru). Vrstniške pogovorne skupine (enkrat mesečno…
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