Inclusive Organisations

Manual for organisational development

This manual is primarily tailored for youth organisations, both youth-led and those working for and with youth. But ultimately it is useful for any sized or type of organisation, institution or public body that wants to develop further in the direction of becoming more inclusive and non-discriminatory towards people with marginalised backgrounds. The core added value of this manual is the concrete support it offers to you in your own organisational reflections, hence it is most appropriate for any organisational manager, staff member(s), group leaders or volunteers who are regularly engaging with the organisation, planning its programmes and activities and implementing the work with participants/beneficiaries (be it youth or other target groups).

Transforming Hate in Youth Settings

Practical Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to help youth workers transform hate speech and behaviour in youth settings. Hate expressed by words, behaviour and attitudes is a form of violence that can easily be overlooked or ignored. When it is left unchallenged it can become normalised within our society and escalate into physical violence on a larger scale. Challenging hate when it occurs sends a clear message to young people that these attitudes and words are harmful and it takes the dehumanising impact of hate seriously. With the rapid growth of social media, which provides a willing platform, the ways in which hate speech can impact on people in all areas of society have multiplied. There is no widespread clarity on what hate speech is and how to address it. We intend for this toolkit to meet some of these needs by supporting youth workers to have concrete and adaptable tools to enable them to recognise, challenge and ultimately transform hate speech.

Transforming Hate in Youth Settings

An Educational Tool and Practice Manual for those working with Young People

This Manual is designed to support youth workers engaging with young people who express hateful speech and/or behaviour in youth settings.
It focuses on our practice as youth workers: to become more aware of our communication and listening skills; to understand how we can create safer spaces in youth settings that support learning and change to happen; and to focus on working with those young people that spread hate – through their speech or behaviour – whether they are conscious of doing so or not. The Manual gives us the tools to work towards transformative practice with young people with the aim of bringing about a real change in attitudes and behaviours with young people.