Eva Jus

I have started working with non-formal education through improv theatre in 2006 and I have been using its techniques to address various topics ever since. I teach weekly improv workshops for high school students as well as young people with mental disabilities. Besides performance I focus on topics such as group dynamics, inclusion, feminism, intersectionality, activism, story telling etc.


  • Improkluzija: Group dynamics and incorporating mistakes into educational processes (2020)
    My role: trainer and organiser
    Duration: 2 days
    Focus groups: teachers, drama teachers and youth workers
    Organized by: Društvo IMPRO and Association of Inclusive culture
  • Storrytelling (2019)
    My role: trainer
    Duration: 3 3h workshops
    Focus group: trainers
    Organized by: Ljubljana Pride Association
  • Identity maze (2018)
    My role: fasilitator
    Duration: 7 days
    Focus groups: youth workers and educators who work with marginalised youth
    Organized by: Association of Inclusive culture

As a trainer I trained at:

  • 1 year training program for Improv teachers (Bodigatreba)
    Scope or. duration: 1 year
    Organised by: ŠILA – High school improv ligue
  • Play and Change: 10 day residential training for trainer and youth workers on the use of theatre tools for social inclusion
    Scope or. duration: 10 days
  • Help with Improvisation (Michaela Puchalková, Naked Stage international improv festival)
    1 day training for trainers youth workers who work with improvisational techniques
    Scope or. duration: 1 day
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