Filip Vurnik

In the last three years, I started gaining some experience on being a trainer, and creating workshops for people between the age 15 and 30, especially those who are a part of LGBTQ+ community.


  • LGBTQ+ Youth Camp: Safe Space
    My role: I was a trainer, and a part of the Prep Team
    Duration: 3 days
    Target group: LGBTQ+ people aged between 16 and 30
    Organized by DIC Legebitra
    I was a part of the Prep Team, and creating/leading workshops also for the same LGBTQ+ Youth Camps in November 2015, and April 2016
  • Workshops for Outside In: Transforming Hate project
    My role: co-creating and leading a workshop on tackling Hate Speech
    Duration per workshop: 270 min
    Target group: Youth Workers
    Organized by Ljubljana Pride, Bloom (Portugal), Interfaith Scotland, National Youth Council of Ireland, RKI (The Peace Education Institute, Finnland).

My trainings for trainers:

  • Outside In: Transforming Hate, Erasmus+ Project
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