Katja Štefanec

In the past two years I joined two projects that allowed me to learn and get experience in creating, leading and facilitating workshops for either young or adult groups of people. I also attended some trainings and educational events that helped me to develop more as a young trainer.


  • Study visit to Ljubljana Pride Festival 2018
    My role: I was co-facilitating the study visit
    Duration: 17th – 24th June 2018
    Target group: youth workers or people that work with groups of young people
    Organized by Ljubljana Pride Association and Erasmus +
    I was co-facilitating the visit with the main trainer. We performed workshops, lead the evaluation and reflection, conclusion and continuation process and making of the final product.
  • Workshops for Outside In: Transforming Hate project
    My role: co-creating and leading a workshops on tackling Hate Speech
    Duration per workshop: 270 min
    Target group: Youth Workers
    Organized by Ljubljana Pride, Bloom (Portugal), Interfaith Scotland, National Youth Council of Ireland, RKI (The Peace Education Institute, Finnland).
  • Workshops for Culture of Humiliation
    My role: co-creating and leading workshops about (cyber)bullying
    Duration per workshop: 120 min
    Target group: Teenagers

My trainings for trainers:

  • Outside In: Transforming Hate Speech, Erasmus+ Project
  • Training for trainers in youth work by Mladinski Svet Slovenije
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