Neja Berlič

I started as a trainer in non-formal education in 2017 with the support of the Pride Parade Association and at that time joined the pool of trainers. The areas Ii focus on in my in my trainers work are hate speech, peer violence and LGBTIQ+ topics. I am most interested in empowering (LGBTIQ+) young people, especially through the arts, creating a safer place to address difficult and complex topics, and building group dynamics.


  • LGBTIQ+ Youth Storytelling Training, 2019 – 4-day resident training (European Solidarity Corps)
  • 6-month lasting LGBTIQ+ Youth Workshops Overcoming the Culture of Humiliation, 2019
  • Workshops for young people – Culture of Humiliation
  • full-day workshops for youth workers on the topic of Recognizing, reacting and transforming hate speech in youth work, from 2017 onwards

As a trainer I trained at:

  • Outside IN – Transforming Hate (Erasmus +)
    Scope or. duration: September 2017-March 2019, including three multi-day residency trainings
    Organizers: Pride Parade Society (Slovenia), Peace Education Institute (Finland), Irish National Youth Council (NYCI, Ireland), Interfaith Scotland (Scotland), Ha Moment (Portugal)
    Certificate: no
  • International Training for Trainers: Non-formal Education for Social(ist) Change
    Scope or. duration: September 2018, 7-day resident training
    Organizer: Kurt Löwenstein International Training Team (Germany)
    Certificate: no
  • Pedagogical module of the master’s study of Slovene and comparative literature
    Scope or. duration: 2013-2016, including multiple practice at high schools and high schools in Ljubljana
    Organizer / Performer: Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
    Certificate / Certificate: no
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