Vesna Štefanec

I believe in learning process, based on a safe space for everyone, that addresses any form of violence and hate and includes a lot of humor. In my work as a trainer I have transparent views and values and I am trying to have an open and transparent dialogue with the group. I am mainly interested in various identities, human rights and hate speech, youth work and inclusion.


  • Educational youth
    My role: trainer
    Duration: 2011 – 2016 (twice a year for 3 days)
    Target group: young LGBTIQ+ individuals
    Organized by DIC Legebitra
  • LGBTIQ+ 101
    My role: trainer
    Duration: 2013 – 2018 (few time a year)
    Target group: students of  Pef UL
    Organized by: Pef UL, Ljubljana Pride
  • Training for volunteers – facilitating of hate speech in online comments
    My role: trainer
    Duration: 25. and 26.11.2015
    Target group: volunteers
    Organized by Appareo Society, DIC Legebitra, Slovenske novice, Spletno oko

As a trainer I trained at:

  • Study of Social pedagogics: working with group, pedagogics and learning process, sociology of upbringing and education
    Organized by: Faculty of Social pedagogics
    Duration: 31. 3.-3. 4. 2016
    Certificate: YES
  • Izobraževanje za trenerje v mladinskem delu (načrtovanje učnih aktivnosti, vodenje učnega procesa, vloga in veščine trenerjev, mentoriranje in coaching) 
    Izvajalec: Mladinski svet Slovenije
    Trajanje: 31. 3. – 3. 4. 2016
    Certifikat: DA
  • Organizational and Community Development to Lead Sustainable Change – ILGA Europe (community work, strategic planning of development and inclusion of the community in community activities, development od organization for social changes, strategic planning of social changes, community oriented leader competences)
    Organised by: ILGA Europe
    Duration: 20.- 22. 11. 2014
    Certificate: YES
  • Role and work of moderator in youth organizations – Institution Academy of advanced ideas ( competences of a moderator (according to IAF), moderation ethics, basic skills of a group moderator, moderating techniques)
    Organized by: Zavod Akademija naprednih idej
    Duration: 13.-17. 10. 2012
    Certificate: YES
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