Job shadowing – Berlin, Germany

16. Aug. 2023

This summer, quite a few members of the Ljubljana Pride team took part in job shadowing activities. Some visited new partner organizations, while Maja and I went to Loesje Berlin, one of our long-term partner organisations. As we already have an established cooperation the time has come to become more strategic in our work.

Thank you to Rola Ståhl, the Special Representative of the organization, and her team, for the extremely warm welcome and co-working.

Maja explored creative and cultural projects and activities at the intersection of LGBTIQ+ identities, feminism and the position of culture. I made sure that Loesje Berlin now has more knowledge and a concrete plan for how they will obtain accreditation for running activities within the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes. Together, we enriched our knowledge, experience and, above all, inter-organizational cooperation.

We look forward to joint activities between our organizations!

Everyone who is interested in media literacy and great technological innovations in the field of communications (for example, the use of VR technology), together with Loesje Berlin, we invite you to an international training hosted in Bremen in November. For more details, follow us on social media and www.ljubljanapride.org