Send an e-mail to info@ljubljanapride.org with the subject line »Volunteering« and a brief introduction of yourself and how you would like to help.

As a volunteer you can support the annual organization of the Pride Parade Festival and join a large international group of volunteers, who run the festival every year.

You can help with:

  • food and donations
  • setting up event scenery and visual materials, 
  • event promotion,
  • the technical setup and recording at events,
  • being a parade steward,
  • and much more!

Since its founding, our association has been working and creating exclusively through volunteer work. The association’s leadership as well as the on-the-ground supporters of the entire program and activities are volunteers. More than 100 volunteers from Slovenia and abroad support the Pride Parade Festival each year and 20 volunteers back the Association’s activities during the rest of the year. The association has been certified youth-friendly since 2015. 

Volunteering is also one of the main pillars of the Association: we acknowledge the power of volunteering for youth participation, increasing LGBTIQ+ visibility, and the activation of the entire society. We also realize that all organizations do not adequately support young LGBTIQ+ people, so our main mission is to include and offer opportunities to young LGBTIQ+ people.

The whole LGBTIQ+ volunteering program of the Pride Parade Association is supported by the projects:

  • Prostovoljstvo za družbeno participacijo in opolnomočenje LGBTIQ+ mladih (Volunteering for the Civic Participation and Empowerment of LGBTIQ+ youth), funded by the Slovene Ministry for Public Administration,
  • S solidarnostjo premagujemo sovraštvo (Overcoming Hate through Solidarity), a volunteering project funded by the European Solidarity Corps,
  • Podpora LGBTIQ+ prostovoljstvu (Support for LGBTIQ+ Volunteering), funded by the European Solidarity Corps.


International volunteers have been part of our activities since 2016, mostly through European Solidarity Corps programs (formerly European Voluntary Service). As of 2019, we have hosted 33 volunteers on a short-term exchange and 7 long-term exchanges (3 people for 6 months and 4 people for 12 months).


Interested in supporting young LGBTIQ+ people and creating a safer space of your organisation?

What are the advantages of LGBTIQ+ volunteering over volunteering »for everyone«?

Want to receive promotional materials that appeal to LGBTIQ+ youth?


To register your volunteer hours, click on the link below. The data entered is used exclusively for the purpose of keeping records of volunteering, and rewarding volunteers who have invested energy and time to co-create our projects and activities.

Thank you for regularly and consistently recording your hours.