Cabaret Tiffany

Cabaret Tiffany

20. 6. 2018, 20.00 and 22.00 Klub Tiffany

A brunette faghag and the three little bears have found themselves in front of a hard choice. To follow their secret desire or to forget it forever? Join them on a journey in the cruel and glamorous world of decisive drag queens and pompous drag kings in the delicate land of LGBT scene. The slightest mistake can cost them their heads. The last and only chance for redemption? Lip sync for your life!

Cabaret Tiffany proudly hails the diversity of LGBT+ culture. Join our celebration and, together with our camp, armed divas, ejaculate life on the scared faces of tradition!

The creators of Cabaret Tiffany are Olja Grubić, Nasty Suzy and Virginia Immaculata, Anđa Rupić, Luca Skadi, Yuliya Molina, Andro žena, Jernej Škof

Production: ŠKUC – Cultural center Q / Club Tiffany