Decolonising Queer

Decolonising Queer

18. 6. 2018, 20.00, DobraVaga

Opening of exhibition and introduction by the author Rudy Loewe

in English

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist who utilizes narratives from lived experience to create comics and illustrations which predominantly focus on the lives of black people. Rudy’s intention is to take complex ideas and narratives and draw them out into more accessible and digestible formats. Using comedy and satire, Rudy’s work subverts dominant power structures and starts difficult conversations around intersectionality. Often using a comic book format, Rudy’s work centres around people of colour and celebrates and chronicles their stories. Racism, gender, sexuality, disability, and mental health are all key themes within Rudy’s practice. They use a variety of mediums and recurring motifs throughout to explore family history, black history, diaspora, and trauma.

“LGBTIQ folks are also migrants, sex workers, the disabled, refugees, the imprisoned, the working class, black people, brown people, indigenous people, femmes, the religious (…) and there doesn’t have to be one word to describe us all.” Rudy Loewe