Rudy Loewe: Intersectionality through comics

Rudy Loewe: Intersectionality through comics

18. 6. 2018, 17.00, DobraVaga

Workshop lead by Rudy Loewe

in English

Rudy Loewe’s practice often involves working with archival material, along with other practitioners such as historians and archivists. The pedagogical side of Rudy’s practice has been inspired by theorists such as bell hooks and Paulo Freire, and their ideas surrounding community and learning.

Rudy’s work aims to engage those who consider themselves outside the art world in art practice. Community is an integral part of Rudy Loewe’s work, which is why another facet of their practice is workshop facilitation and the invaluable conversations that arise from it. You are invited to delve into a new way of exploring intersectionality through a participatory and creative workshop.