Unavoidably intertwined – no place for racism

Unavoidably intertwined – no place for racism

20. 6. 2018, 18.00, Vodnikova domačija Šiška

Public discussion with guests:


  • Martin Beanz Warde, Irish Traveller, stand-up comedian, and founding member of LGBT Pavee, Ireland
  • Miha Blažič (N’Toko),  musician, publisher and activist from Ambasada Rog
  • Mojca Pajnik, Associate Professor at Faculty of Social Science and researcher at the Slovenian Peace Institute, Slovenia
  • Rudy Loewe,   visual artist, Sweden




  • Simona Muršec, President of Pride Parade Association


 in English

Whenever we view social structures through the lens of intersectionality, we must include the category of race in its core. We recognise that race is a social construct, but we also recognise that if we do not have it in the core of the analysis, we are unable to understand the full scope of racism, which is embedded in our society, political structures, and institutions. In the Slovenian LGBTIQ+ community, similar to as in wider society, we actually do not speak much about racism, and hence we also do not explicitly do much to fight it. At the core of every social justice and equality struggle must be an antiracist struggle; therefore, it is paramount that we delve into the dynamics of racisms that affect LGBTIQ+ communities. Together we will look at the intersections of race, ethnicity, and LGBTIQ+ identities, as well as at the manifestations of racism and discrimination at those intersections.

The event was made possible with the support of Ivo Vajgl (ALDE/DeSUS), MEP, by the financial support of ALDE Group – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Europe in the European Parliament