Pride Parade – protest, not a party

Pride Parade – protest, not a party

22. 6. 2018, 19.00, Klub Tiffany



  • Simona Muršec, President of Pride Parade Association
  • Olena Semenova,  Ukrainian LGBT Association LIGA
  • Roman Kuhar, Dean, Faculty of Arts





  • Jessica Martinez C. Lima, Pride Parade Association


in English

In recent decades, Pride parades in the west have become huge parties/commercialised mass events that attract hundreds of thousands of people, creating a festive, colorful celebration – perhaps even a carnival sorts. On the other hand, there are so many countries where LGBTIQ+ organisations and communities are fighting for the mere right to exist, and where obtaining permits from public authorities to organise a protest march seems impossible. There are others still where 200 protesters need 2,000 police officers to protect them from stones, gas bombs, and the hatred of thousands of their fellow citizens. Ljubljana Pride, like many others, is somewhere in the middle… or? Why is it a never-ending political decision what kind of Pride will be? Why a protest? Why a party? Why none of it or something in the middle?