Presentation of the children’s book »My rainbow family«

Presentation of the children’s book »My rainbow family«

23. 6. 2018, 11.45 – 12.45, Galerija ŠKUC

We invite you to the present of picture book “My Rainbow Family”. It became controversial shortly after the release. There were protests organized against it and it was even burnt. Why do we need such a book, how was the process of publishing going on and what kind of reactions followed, are some of the things our guests from Zagreb – authors of the book and other members of Association Rainbow Family who issued the book – will present at the event.

The aim of the picture book “My rainbow family” is to strengthen the social integration of children with same-sex parents and the promotion of tolerance and respect for diversity. The picture book is intended for preschool children and displays thumbnail images from the life of two children with same-sex parents.

Rainbow families gather LGBTIQ+ couples and individuals, who have children, want to have children or just want to know about the challenges and beautiful side of family planning.

The picture book is completely free. Get your copy at the event.

The presentation will be held in Croatian language.

The event will be co-hosted by Dugine obitelji (https://www.facebook.com/dugineobitelji/?ref=br_rs)