Ljubljana Pride Festival 2022 presentation

30. 5. 2022, 11:00-12:00

Pritličje (Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana)

Event will be held in Slovene.

At the press conference, we will present the political message and the programme of the 2022 Ljubljana Pride Festival. Behind us is a turbulent period of struggles for democracy and the recent change of government, brought about by the long-awaited parliamentary elections in Slovenia. For the last two years, we have been fighting the virus that has changed our lives and the increasing incursions of the right-wing government on our freedom. The fight was difficult, even brutal at times, enveloped in a cloud of tear gas and abuses of power. Finally, we waited for the elections, showed up at the pools in record numbers and made it clear what type of government we refuse to have. During our Rainbow Voters Mobilisation Campaign, we researched how the community experiences elections, what it needs from the new government, who our allies are, how to fight together and to what extent the parties are committed to LGBTIQ+ issues. Each time we realised that the key is coming together and mobilising in great numbers, as well as making a clear demand for concrete answers.

Our alliances have been formed and our struggle continues after the elections. That is why the 2022 Ljubljana Pride Festival is inspired by the pre-election movement, the power of the civil society, visible policy changes, active solidarity and our community’s aspiration to create a better future. The festival addresses the topics of connecting local LGBTIQ+ communities and the needs of LGBTIQ+ people from rural areas, the impact of local and national elections on our rights, solidarity with LGBTIQ+ refugees from Ukraine, the housing exclusion of LGBTIQ+ people, freedom of expression and much more. As usual, the entire political activist programme will be accompanied by a diverse program of LGBTIQ+ culture, addressing issues through the medium of art.