Community event

3. 6. 2022, 16:00-21:00

AKC Metelkova, klub Monokel, Škuc (Masarykova 24, Ljubljana)

Event will be held in Slovene and English.

In cooperation with Monokel, Škuc LL, Škuc and Mreža Mlada ulica.

Community is what our world is built on, so at the start of this year’s Pride Parade Festival, we will take the time to foster, spread and celebrate it! Outside the Monokel Club, at Metelkova, we will spend the whole Friday afternoon in the good company of people, creativity, cold drinks and snacks. There will undoubtedly be something for every taste. Are you coming?

The event is financed by Erasmus+ programme, European Solidarity Corps, MOVIT.