Round table

9. 6. 2022, 18:30–20:00

Pritličje (Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana)

Event will be held in English.

The war in Ukraine triggered various forms of support for refugees across Europe. On the one hand, in countries like Hungary and Slovakia, the LGBTIQ+ community mobilised very quickly and established LGBTIQ+ specific refugee centres and transit accommodations, organised medical supplies for transgender people, hygiene products and other material goods, counselling, etc. On the other hand, we also know that our countries do not enjoy a good reputation in the eyes of LGBTIQ+ people from abroad, including those from Ukraine. They are perceived as dangerous, unaccepting, transphobic, closed… We know that LGBTIQ+ refugees will mostly choose places like Berlin or Amsterdam for their final destinations. What can our countries offer to LGBTIQ+ people in need, to those fleeing the war? Why are LGBTIQ+ refugees in a particularly vulnerable position? What are the risks they face that stem from intersectional discrimination based on ethnic origin, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation? Which types of support are most important, most needed and sustainable? What do international solidarity and LGBTIQ+ networking, aiming to support LGBTIQ+ refugees from Ukraine as well as from other parts of the world, look like?

We will explore this topic together with our guests, who are personally involved in mobilising support for LGBTIQ+ refugees and will be able to share their first-hand experiences.

*Robert Furiel is the founder and director of SAPLINQ, o.z., a LGBT+ NGO based in East Slovakia. He has been involved in various forms of activism since secondary school, including the Bratislava Pride and queer students’ organisation at Charles University in Prague, Charlie. Robert is a non-formal education trainer, avid reader and proud mom of two cats.

*Maryna Shevtsova is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She is a political scientist, an LGBTQ rights activist and author of several publications. She is a member of TERGO, Kyiv-based organisation working with parents of LGBTQ people and educators to create a healthy school environment for LGBTQ teenagers in Ukraine.

*Kristóf Bartucz has been with Budapest Pride since 2020. As an organiser, he is currently overseeing community operations and is also responsible for the 27th Budapest Pride Festival’s programme scheduling.

*Krzysztof Kliszczyński is a sociologist, lecturer, HFPC (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights) Human Rights School alumnus, LGBT+ activist and the co-founder of Lambda Warszawa Association. As a sociologist he specialises in urban development; in his NGO activity, his focus is on support for the LGBTQI+ minority in its broadest sense.

*Paweł Mamzer is a psychology student, volunteer and LGBTQIAP activist. He has been involved with Lambda Warszawa since last year. He has been working at the Support Centre for LGBTQIAP refugees from Ukraine as project coordinator since its establishment.

*Eva Gračanin has been working for Legebitra for 13 years. In addition to financial and administrative management of the association she also works in the field of support to LGBTIQ+ people in forced migration.


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