workshop and open stage performance

5. 6. 2022, 13:00–17:00

AKC Metelkova, SOT 24,5 – YHD (Masarykova 24, Ljubljana)

Event will be held in Slovene.

In cooperation with IMPRO Association and SOT 24,5 – YHD.

Improv theatre or modern theatrical improvisation is a theatrical genre whose specialty is the spontaneous creation of scenes and stories before the eyes of the audience, without a script, often without scene props, the help of a director, etc. During the workshop, participants will learn about the importance and political potential of spontaneous co-creation, sharpen their cooperation and public speaking skills and master a few tricks on how to develop an improvised character and put it in a scene or story on stage. The workshop is suitable for both performers and people without theatre experience.

*ImproŠke is an improv theatre collective that addresses the issues of gender and inequality in its productions. The improvisers play out gender stereotypes and open a theatrical starting point for dialogue within established social roles in theatre performances, in which the audience participates with their suggestions. The group consists of experienced improvisers and drama teachers.