Hate Speech DecontRamination

DecontRamination – Addressing hate speech and discriminatory speech on the street


We are witnessing a huge increase in hate speech, discriminatory speech and hatred throughout Europe, in media discourse, on social networks, in politics… and of course, our streets, walls, buildings, parks are not excluded… A lot of hate speech and discriminatory speech are thus extracted from graffiti, inscriptions, stickers, posters that “adorn” our public space. Marginalized groups are the primary targets of hostility, negative stereotyping and stigmatization. Othering processes are increasingly spreading to the LGBTIQ + community, refugees and immigrants, people of colour, Muslims…

We are aware that the phenomenon of hate speech, discriminatory speech and hatred of marginalized groups is deeply rooted in ideologies and systems such as racism, patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, nationalism… Therefore, it seems crucial for us to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools that they offer us a different worldview. A view that comes from respect for human rights, international cooperation, from intercultural coexistence, from respect for diversity…

Before you is an online map of DecontRamination, which offers you the space to record hate speech and hatred against marginalized and socially stigmatized groups. It allows us to keep track of what’s happening on the streets, it also gives us a place of inspiration for hate responses.


DecontRamination first came to life in 2013 under the auspices of the Appareo organisation. The project or initiative, along with an online map for recording hate speech and discriminatory speech, was recognized as a good practice by the Council of Europe’s “Don’t Hate” campaign. Now the Ljubljana Pride Association is reviving the initiative in a similar band, as we recognize that not much has changed in the field of addressing hate speech and discriminatory speech in Slovenia.


Join us for a walk along the paths of street art, guerrilla activism, and canned spray words. Be CONTRA and DecontRaminate Hate! With your help, we map graffiti and captions with hateful and discriminatory content to draw your attention to hateful and discriminatory street speech.

Also, be FOR. Be for positive, inclusive and creative messages and graffiti with emancipatory speech.

Zemljevid pripravlja Društvo Parada ponosa: www.ljubljanapride.org

If you notice in your environment:

  • hate speech or graffiti,
  • hate speech or discriminatory speech already neutralized or DecontRaminated,

photograph it and send us a photo together with the location where the graffiti is located at info@dekontraminacija.org.

Your contribution to the street life is extremely welcome!

Map prepared by Ljubljana Pride Association: www.ljubljanapride.org

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