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PRIDE CONNECTS: Trans Day of Visibility – Writing Workshop

23. March od 16:0018:00
Pride Connects is organising a writing workshop aimed at trans* folk. This event will take place at 16:00 – 18:00, on March 23rd 2021, at a for-now-undisclosed live location. To register for this event, please send an email to 📧 asja@ljubljanapride.org.
To commemorate this year’s Trans Day of Visibility, Pride Connects is hosting a writing workshop aimed at trans* folk, with a vision to bring the trans community together in an opportunity to creatively express ourselves regardless of our skills or previous experiences with writing. We believe that it is important to create trans*-only spaces where we can feel safe(r) exploring our creativity and its political potentials.
In a world divided into subjects – those that have the right to define their own reality – and objects – those whose reality is defined by their relationship to the subjects – , the act of writing can be an act of becoming one’s own narrator, author and authority on one’s own reality and history. In this writing workshop, we will look at the practice of autoethnographic writing as an example of a method of reclaiming agency over representations of one’s own reality. Autoethnography at its very core defies the division into categories of subject and object of writing and instead embraces a fluidity and a commitment to refiguring normative discourses. Taking lessons from this practice, we will look at how we can use aspects of this methodology in making our own contribution to raising visibility of the local trans community.
Inspired by stories of Koroska Pride’s outdoor sunrise poetry readings and a desire to celebrate the beginning of Spring, we have decided to move this workshop into the IRL sphere and meet at a for-now-undisclosed (if weather permits) outdoor location somewhere in Rožnik to spend a sunset writing together, taking the narratives about us in our own hands and feeling again as a part of our city.
The facilitation of this event will happen in English, although participants are encouraged to write in any language they feel most comfortable with. We are organizing the event within the youth project DecontRamination, with the aim of raising awareness of important commemorative days and activating young activists.
(We use an asterisk at the end of “trans” as a shorthand to refer to a variety of identities that are diverse but share the common denominator of not being a cisgender man or cisgender woman. Trans* is explicitly inclusive of non-binary, agender, genderqueer, gender fluid, third gender, and other non-cisgender identities.)
🗣️ With ‘Pride Connects’, we strive to connect the local LGBTIQ+ youth, activists, and all those interested in the political side of Pride(s) and LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Struggles in Slovenia and across the world. We know that being an openly LGBTIQ+ person and existing in any public space is a political act, and we know it is not easy – so we want to create a safe(r) space for all LGBTIQ+ people and a place of empowerment.

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23. March


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