Use and importance of research activity in youth work

At the end of October, the European Academy of Youth Work (EAYW) presented findings on why and how we can use research activity in youth work. These findings are based, among other things, on the participation and contribution of the Ljubljana Pride Association at the first European Academy on Youth Work (EAYW), held this May in Kranjska Gora.

They presented three evidence-based examples of good practice that generate relevant activities and interventions for young people, based on scientific research and needs analysis methods.

As an example of good practice, they highlighted the LGBTIQ+ People’s Daily Life: Connecting Research with Youth Work workshop by Nina Perger and Mateja Morić of the Ljubljana Pride Association The main goals of the workshop were to understand the use and importance of research in youth work and the benefits that the youth sector can have, to recognize LGBTIQ + youth as competent political actors, and to gain knowledge of the specifics and needs of the LGBTIQ + population within youth work.

The workshop is based on a survey conducted in 2017 (by Nina Perger, Simona Muršec and Vesna Štefanec) among LGBTIQ+ young people aged 16 to 30 as part of a youth dialogue project. Through the dialogue process, LGBTIQ+ young people were given an opportunity to discuss in depth the problems they face on a daily basis, to identify and write down proposals for solutions to these problems, and to present them to relevant decision makers, especially in the field of youth policies and education.

Through advocacy training, LGBTIQ+ youth gained the skills to formulate common problem-solving proposals and to know how to successfully present and advocate their proposals. The survey offered a unique insight into the daily lives of young LGBTIQ+ people in Slovenia and their experiences of violence and discrimination. In addition, it continues to serve as a tool for advocacy purposes and for analyzing the needs of the LGBTIQ+ community in Slovenia.

The whole report on the workshop is available here

More information can be found here.

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