Life-changing: A gift from Slovenia

It all started when I decided to apply to the long-term European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme for Ljubljana Pride. During the year I spent in Ljubljana, I started to grow, develop new skills and try new things. I also started to think how to become more productive and take advantage of this opportunity that had been given to me for my future.

Halfway through the programme, I started putting together my own personal project based on an idea that had impressed my colleagues and friends. I named it “QHologram | Museum of Diversity” and it is an educational tool that promotes diversity, acceptance, unity and inclusivity. The exhibits are people who belong to different marginalised groups. People who find the strength and courage to share their experiences in front of an audience through their performance.

While I was in Slovenia, I had stumbled upon and met those “holograms” for my museum. However, just before the end of the ESC programme, I had a personal injury that meant I had to go back to my home country, Greece. During my recovery, I kept working on my project from a distance, always wanting to return to Ljubljana and make my own museum come to life. And I did it!

In the midst of a pandemic, we managed in cooperation with Ljubljana Pride to give life to the museum that I had dreamt of. In only two weeks I had to set the stage up from scratch, write up all the scripts and rehearse with the participants. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the owner of Cirkulacija2. We worked closely together to ensure a great outcome. Also, all the performers worked hard and contributed with their own ideas. That made me enjoy the whole experience everyday more and more.

Nothing could stop me this time around. I was back with more confidence and less stress, ready for the big event. My only goal was success. That night I was drunk with beautiful feelings. I felt like I had new visitors in my home. I trusted those kids blindly and felt so proud for them watching them flourish and glow on stage. People among the audience were visibly becoming emotional, hearing about the performers’ experiences and seeing something from themselves in them. Every person in the audience got out something different and unique to them from that night and I hope it was a life-changing experience for all of them.

That was the most valuable present for me.

After six months of not being able to walk, that night I felt like I was flying, feeling lighter and more free than ever. Because as they say, after a heavy rain, the brightest rainbow will appear.

I’m grateful to Ljubljana Pride for bringing me back for a few more days, giving me the chance to start my journey with QHologram from Ljubljana as well as to say goodbye to Slovenia, this time in my own way.

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