ESC volunteering opportunity: ILGA Europe Annual Conference

28. Jul. 2023

European Solidarity Corps group volunteering opportunity

Supporting the ILGA Europe Annual Conference implementation

Start date: Monday, 16th October 2023 (arrival day)

End date: Monday, 30th October 2023 (departure day)

Total duration: 15 days

Ljubljana Pride Association is looking for up to 20 young LGBTIQ+ volunteers to support the implementation of the ILGA Europe Annual Conference that will take place from Wednesday 25th October 2023 until Sunday 29th October 2023 in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Profile of participants / volunteers:

  • Young LGBTIQ+ people aged 18 – 30 years;
  • Coming from EU member states or third countries associated to the ESC programme (Iceland, North Macedonia, Lichtenstein). The participant must hold a residency permit within one of the above mentioned countries and all relevant documents allowing them to travel freely within the EU and Schengen area.

ALL Participants required skills and competencies:

  • Fluent in English language (minimum B2 level);
  • Can demonstrate a high degree of independence with prior experiences of international travel, staying/living abroad and flexibility to adapt to new environments;
  • Has prior experience with participating at conferences or other large-scale events, so one can imagine the needs of supporting a large group of several hundreds participants;
  • Showcases high levels of interest and motivation for LGBTIQ+ topics on international scale;

Main responsibilities during the ILGA Conference:

  • Taking care of the Info Desk for all participants, guiding them with information about the conference programme, the venue and other information about local events and environment;
  • Supporting the implementation of conference events, workshops and panels by setting-up the spaces, technical support and being available to pass the microphones in the room …;
  • Set up of the conference venue at large, maintaining the signs for and giving directions, setting up the decorations, visual elements and other possible elements in the space, like set-up of exhibitions …;
  • Participating at a mandatory pre-conference training by ILGA staff and an evaluation meeting after the conference closing;
  • Participating at a mandatory ESC on-arrival training on the 17th October 2023 implemented by Ljubljana Pride team.


During the ILGA Conference Ljubljana Pride Association will also implement local programme for all conference participants, among the programme the most intense offer will be the LGBT tours of Ljubljana. Therefore we are also looking for ESC volunteers who would like to take on the role of tour guides for the LGBT tours of Ljubljana. The role entails:

  • Participating at all above mandatory elements for ALL participants, as the LGBT tour guides will also be requested to support the conference implementation tasks;
  • Participating in a tailored training for the LGBTIQ+ tours and engaging with test tours during the first week of the volunteering activity;
  • Implementing guided tours on conference participants arrival day (25th October), departure day (29th October), and possibly during the conference implementation if the schedule will allow for it (26th-28th in the late afternoon times);
  • Guide conference participants to other local events and venues of the conference arround Ljubljana.

What we offer:

  • Access to ILGA Conference topical programme, to listen to the panels and workshops while supporting their logistical implementation;
  • Networking with several hundred LGBTIQ+ activists from all over europe and Central Asia;
  • Getting to know and experiencing LGBTIQ+ Ljubljana in detail;
  • Reimbursement of transportation cost for return tickets from your location to Ljubljana according to the ESC finacial rules;
  • Accommodation in Ljubljana between 16th and 30th October 2023 in shared rooms (2 people per room as a standard);
  • Covered local cost like city public transport or other cost incurred due to the implementation of the volunteering project;
  • A daily allowance of 5 EUR/day, amounting to 75 EUR;
  • Compensation for food cost of 100 EUR; some food will be provided in-kind.

You can apply by: