Ljubljana Pride Association Long-term volunteering project call

7. Okt. 2019

Duration: 1 year (1 January 2020 – 31 December 2020)

Destined to: People with a strong interest in LGBTIQ+ organisations, topics and politics who have previous work or volunteer experience in the field of LGBTIQ+ organising.

Profiles we are looking for:
– 1 Social media expert
– 1 Event organiser

About the organisation: Mainly known as the organisers of the annual LGBTIQ+ parade, the Pride Parade Association is a youth-based, anti-racist, feminist, LGBTIQ+ association active all year long, fighting against discrimination of all LGBTIQ+ people and their intersecting identities.

General description: The volunteers will be included in the daily work and activities of the association. The Pride Parade Association organises workshops, trainings, exhibitions, fundraising events, social activities, and participates in international projects with other politically like-minded organisations.

About you:
– You’re an EU resident
– You’re LGBTIQ+, sociable and have a proactive attitude
– Comfortable with working in office environments and having an office routine
– Able to fluently communicate in English
– Have previous volunteering or working experience

We encourage LGBTIQ+ people with intersectional identities to apply, especially people of color and with minority ethnic backgrounds.

As social media expert, you would:
– Help us improve our social media presence, by supporting our social media Communication (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)
– Support the promotion of events
– Be comfortable with writing content posts
– Do social media coverage of Pride Parade’s events (video and photo coverage, online posting)
– Use professional equipment for video and/or photo (filming, editing)
– Support with organising the Ljubljana Pride Festival 2020
– Support with the daily operations in the office (logistical & administrative support)

As an event organiser you would:
– Support with the logistics of planning, hosting and implementing events
– Organise weekly events that target the LGBTIQ+ community, in particular youth
– Facilitate group activities and discussions
– Offer logistic support with organising workshops, exhibitions, public events and other activities
– Handle external communication for the events organised
– Support with organising the Ljubljana Pride Festival 2020
– Support with day-to-day operations in the office (logistical & administrative support)

The volunteers will gain competences in:
– Group work
– Working in an intercultural environment
– Working with the LGBTIQ+ community
– Usage of digital tools
– Communication, technical and logistical competences
– Learning about project management

The project grant covers:
– Accommodation
– Food expenses
– Pocket money
– Learning of Slovene language (online language course)
– Mentoring support

How to apply: send us your CV and motivational letter, and let us for which position you wish to apply for (social media manager or event organiser). Apply before 15.10.2019.

Contact: evs@ljubljanapride.org or info@ljubljanapride.org